Exhibitor's Presentation

Stage A October 10(Wed.) 15:35-15:50
KOTAI Biotechnologies

Kazuo Yamashita

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 10:55-11:25


Department of Molecular and Cellular Parasitology, Graduate School of Health Sciences, Professor

A novel drug candidate for Chagas disease: development of quinone derivatives.

Chagas disease is a parasitic protozoal disease caused by American trypanosoma infection and causes heart failure and megasyndrome after a long term of more than ...

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 11:30-11:45
Trans Chromosomics

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 12:00-12:15


business controlling department

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 12:40-13:10
GenScript Japan (Presentation in English)

Li Chen, Ph.D

Senior Scientist, Principal Project Manager, Group Leader, Project Management Department

Accelerate Your Biologics Discovery & Development-GenScript Integrated therapeutic Antibody Platform

1. General information of the antibody drug discovery Platform 2. Service line of Lead generation: SMAB(Single-domain antibody fused to monoclonal Ab)-GenScript bi-specific antibody platform 3. Service line ...

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 13:15-13:45
Chiyoda TechnoAce

Shuhei Kondo

Bio Technology Development Office

Continuous technologies make the antibody production process efficient.

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 14:00-14:10
NB Health Laboratory
Sapporo City / Northern Advancement Center for Science & Technology

Kiyoshi Takayama

Founder and President

MoGRAA discovery engine can expand the drug targets of therapeutic mAb

We, NB Health Laboratory, focus on the discovery of anti-GPCR antibodies for the therapeutics and have an original technology for rapidly identifying anti-GPCR antibody (MoGRAA ...

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 14:20-14:30
Lilac pharma
Sapporo City / Northern Advancement Center for Science & Technology

Motoki Susa


Proposal for collaborative liposomal drug development using our iLiNP(TM) device, a novel microfluidic device for production of the lipid nanoparticle (liposome)

At the BioJapan2018, we will introduce our liposomal drug manufacturing business using our NEW microfluidic device "iLiNP". It makes possible to manufacture the liposomal drug ...

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 14:55-15:25
Graduate School, Gifu University / National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Tadashi Kimura

Senior Researcher

Rapid screening system based on periplasmic peptide display for bioactive peptide

PERISS method is one of periplasmic peptide display techniques. Tarantula venom ICK peptides have three disulfide bonds, and are highly proteolytic resistant, stable in circulation. ...

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 15:30-16:00
Systens Pharmacology Mie University Graduate School of Medicine, professor

Toshio Tanaka

Systems Pharmacology Mie University Graduate School of Medicine, professor

Zebrafish-Based Drug Discovery and Patient-Derived Xenograft-Based Precision Medicine

Recently a number of successful cases of zebrafish-based drug discovery have been reported. The importance of in vivo phenotype screening became apparent, and zebrafish has ...

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 16:05-16:35
Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules, Nagoya University

Tsuyoshi Hirota

Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules, Nagoya University Designated Associate Professor

Small-molecule modulators of circadian rhythms

The circadian clock is an intrinsic time-keeping mechanism that controls the daily rhythms of numerous physiological processes, such as sleep/wake behavior, hormone secretion, and metabolism. ...

Stage C October 10(Wed.) 12:05-12:35
Eurobiomed (Presentation in English)

Xavier Tabary and Marianne Morini

President and Deputy Director

Discover the Life Science Cluster of Southern France and some French innovative biotech companies

Stage C October 10(Wed.) 14:25-14:55
[medU-net] Teikyo University

Kazuo Maruyama

Faculty of Pharma-Sciences, Laboratory of DDS and Ultrasound, Professor

New medical technology, theranostics, with bubble and ultrasound

We have succeeded in developing lipid bubble (LB) and its freeze-dried formulation. Freeze-dried LB formulation is good for storage stability and ease of handling. We ...

Stage C October 10(Wed.) 15:35-16:05
[medU-net] Kawasaki Medical School (Presentation in English)

Akira Yamauchi

Biochemistry, Professor

A new anti-tumor drug for regulating cell dynamics

Malignant tumors have proliferative phenotype and metastatic phenotype. Suppressing the metastatic phenotype leads to conquer the malignant tumors. Previously, we established a new in vitro ...

Stage C October 10(Wed.) 16:05-16:35
[medU-net] Kawasaki Medical School

Sohij Nishina


Treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma using 2-deoxy-D-glucose encapsulated in PLGA nanoparticles in mice

The glucose derivative, 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2DG) has been shown to exert antitumor effect through inhibition of anaerobic glycolysis, but simultaneously induces adverse effects, which makes it ...

Stage D October 10(Wed.) 10:55-11:25
Building Block Science in Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University / NTN

Mitsuru Akashi

Specially Appointed Professor

Layer-by-Layer Three-dimensional (LbL-3D) Tissues toward Regenerative Medicine: From Construction of Blood Vessel to Automated Manufacturing System of LbL-3D Tissue.

We introduce three-dimensional (3D) tissues constructed by in vitro cell manipulation. Cell surfaces are coated by ultrathin bio-gel with 10 nm thickness prepared by layer-by-layer ...

Stage D October 10(Wed.) 12:05-12:35
Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) (Presentation in English)

Chia-Cheng Wu

Institute of Biologics/ Executive Director

Site-Specific Conjugation and Activation of The Therapeutic Antibodies -Trimannosyl ADC and CNS Activation

Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) has developed two novel platforms to enhance the function and safety of the therapeutic antibodies. The tri-mannosyl site-specific conjugation platform ...

Stage D October 10(Wed.) 13:30-13:45

Yoshito Kakihara

Institute of Medicine and Dentistry, Assistant professor

Screening of small molecule activators for efficient orthodontic tooth treatment

Orthodontic treatment for adult patients tends to be extended for a long period of time compared to young individuals since a remodeling of periodontal tissue ...

Stage D October 10(Wed.) 15:25-15:55
[medU-net] Nagasaki University

Tanaka Yoshimasa

Graduate School of Biomedical Science/Associate Professor

Methods for effective expansion and functional analysis of immune effector cells

Since the discovery that PD-1 immune checkpoint inhibitors can be utilized for treatment of patients with malignancy, cancer immunotherapy has garnered much attention from not ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 11:30-12:00
LURIS (Presentation in English)
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Jessica Meijer

Knowledge Broker

Opportunities at Leiden University

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 11:30-12:00
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Norimasa Morita

Business Development Director Asia

Licensing opportunity of Tankyrase Inhibitors

Tankyrase positions itself in WNT pathway and is a promising target for immune oncology therapy. Mercachem optimized adenosine site binding lead compound that was identified by ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 11:30-12:00
Mimetas (Presentation in English)
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Wouter Strijker

Business Development Director

Organ-on-a-Chip for drug testing and discovery on 3D phenotypic models

Our vision is to create the simplest device for the most complex 3D biology. With perfused vessels, co-cultures and optimized microenvironments. And so easy-to-use that ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 11:30-12:00
LipoCoat (Presentation in English)
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Raoul Oostenbrink

Director Business Development

Tailored bio-inspired surfaces: A route to new applications

Control of surface interface properties is key in achieving maximum device performance and reducing complications. This is especially the case for medical devices wherein poor interface ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 11:30-12:00
TNO (Presentation in English)
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Simon Folkertsma

Business development manager

Predictive and Personalized Health Technologies and Services in pre- and early clinical R&D at TNO

The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is an independent, not for profit organization active in Life Sciences and Health. TNO supports pharmaceutical companies ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 11:30-12:00
Synaffix (Presentation in English)
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Peter van de Sande


We can give you the Best ADC

Synaffix BV is a Netherlands-based biotech company that has established a proprietary antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology platform that enhances efficacy and tolerability compared to all ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 12:05-12:35
Algomedix (Presentation in English)

Jeffrey M. Herz, Ph.D.

President and CEO

The Next-Generation Analgestic Drug for Chronic Pain: Blocking Pain at its Source

Algomedix is an emerging biopharmaceutical company focused on developing a first-in-class non-opioid drug for the treatment of chronic pain and inflammation. An effective treatment for ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 12:40-13:10
Rentschler Biopharma (Presentation in English)

Federico Pollano

Senior Vice President Business Development

End to end solutions in biopharmaceutical development and production

From gene to vial, Competitive advantage via to in class formulation, Strategic partnership, Global footprint

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 14:10-14:30
Collabolative Research Center for Okayama Medical Innovation Center (OMIC), Okayama University

Masaru Akehi

Assistant Professor

Molecular Imaging Researches at Okayama Medical Innovation Center (OMIC)

Okayama Medical Innovation Center (OMIC) promotes open innovation by offering supports in drug development-related discipline to fellow researchers. We focus on development of antibody drug ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 14:50-15:10
Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems, Okayama University

Masaharu Seno

Dean, Professor

Cancer Stem Cell Atlas Project: a Comprehensive Approach to Cancer from Epigenetics to Genetics

A number of studies are going on with the iPS cells, which have potential to differentiate into every kind of phenotype, to develop various type ...

Stage B October 11(Thu.) 11:30-12:00
Laboratory of Structural Molecular Pharmacology, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagoya University

Hidekazu Hiroaki


Drug absorption enhancers discovered from FDA approved drugs and plants ingredients

Our research activity is focusing on homeostasis of barrier function of epitherial cells. We found that although tight junction (TJ) is a tight intracellular adhesion ...

Stage B October 11(Thu.) 13:15-13:45
Doshisha University

Nishikawa Kiyotaka

Faculty of Life and Medical Sciences

Strategic Development of Peptide-Based Therapeutic Agents Against Type A Influenza Virus Infections

The emergence of drug-resistant influenza type A viruses (IAVs) necessitates the development of novel anti-IAV agents. We targeted the IAV hemagglutinin (HA) protein using multivalent ...

Stage B October 11(Thu.) 13:50-14:20
ICEX Spain Trade and Investment - Economic and Commercial Office, Embassy of Spain in Japan (Presentation in English)
Embassy of Spain

Stage B October 11(Thu.) 14:25-15:25
German Pavillion (Presentation in English)

Biotechnology - Made in Germany

The German government initiative HEALTH MADE IN GERMANY invites you to participate in the Exhibitor Presentation of the German Pavilion 2018. As Europe's leading and ...

Stage B October 11(Thu.) 15:30-16:00
[medU-net] Sapporo Medical University

Hiromu Suzuki

School of Medicine, Department of Basic Medical Science Dept.of Molecular Biology Professor

Identification of long non-coding RNAs and signals as novel therapeutic targets in cancer

In order to identify therapeutic targets in oral, gastric and colorectal cancer, we performed transcriptome and epigenome analyses. We identified elevated expression of DLEU1 in ...

Stage B October 11(Thu.) 16:05-16:35
Department of Pharmacology, Tohoku University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Kohji Fukunaga

Tohoku University Professor

Discovery of Disease-Modifying Therapeutics in Dementia with Lewy Body and Alzheimer's disease

Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) including Parkinson's disease is caused by neurodegeneration with spreading of abnormal alpha-synuclein aggregation. Early diagnosis and therapeutics inhibiting alpha-synuclein aggregation ...

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 10:15-10:30
Synaffix (Presentation in English)

We can give you the Best ADC

Synaffix BV is a Netherlands-based biotech company that has established a proprietary antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology platform that enhances efficacy and tolerability compared to all ...

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 10:35-11:05

Yoichiro Iwakura

Research Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Professor

The regulation of chondrogenesis via Adiponectin Receptors and the therapeutic agents for osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, one of bone metabolic diseases, is caused by the worn-out of cartilage associated with cartilage destruction and degeneration. Joint pain and restriction of joint ...

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 11:10-11:40

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 12:40-13:10

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 10:20-10:50
[medU-net] University of Miyazaki

Yan Xu

Faculty of Medicine, University of Miyazaki, Professor

Fluorescent labeling of intracellular DNA and RNA by guanosine derivative

Imaging DNA and RNA, a fundamental technology in many aspects of genetics, gene expression, and cell biology, provides important information regarding the structure and function ...

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 12:05-12:35
[medU-net] Kumamoto University

Toru Takeo

Institute of Resource Development and Analysis, Assistant Professor

Improved transport and preservation system of sperm

Cold transport of sperm is useful to archive and distribute valuable bioresource. Our technology overcame a critical problem of low fertility of cold-stored sperm by ...

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 12:35-13:05
[medU-net] Kumamoto University

Hiroyuki Oshiumi

Faculty of Life Sciences, Professor

Development of Companion Diagnostics for Vaccines

Vaccination is important to prevent viral infection. However, fear of adverse reaction by vaccination reduces vaccination rates. For instance, increasing fear of adverse events dropped ...

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 15:00-15:05
[JBA-BE Study Group] Tohoku University
JBA Bioengineering Study Group

Tomoyuki Fujii


Promoting industry-government-academia collaboration towards the development of biopharmaceutical industry: Opening Remarks

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 15:05-15:25
[JBA-BE Study Group] Kyowa Hakko Kirin
JBA Bioengineering Study Group

Kenjiro Kano

Manager, CMC Development Department

Trend in Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals Drug Substances

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 15:25-15:40
[JBA-BE Study Group] JSR
JBA Bioengineering Study Group

Hidetoshi Miyamoto

Research Director, Tsukuba Research Laboratories

JSR's activities in the development and production of biopharmaceuticals

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 15:40-15:55
[JBA-BE Study Group] Shimadzu
JBA Bioengineering Study Group

Naoki Morita

Marketing Manager of Life Science, Global Marketing Department

Novel analytical instruments and methods improve efficiencies in R&D and production of biologics. -With a focus on achievement through Open innovation-

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 15:55-16:15
[JBA-BE Study Group] Kyushu University
JBA Bioengineering Study Group

Masamichi Kamihira


Development of construction technology for biopharmaceutical producer cells

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 16:15-16:30
[JBA-BE Study Group] iBody
JBA Bioengineering Study Group

Teruyo Kato


Rapid screening method for human and rabbit monoclonal antibody

We provide rapid monoclonal antibody discovery technology from single B cells of humans and rabbits.

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 16:30-16:50
[JBA-BE Study Group] Tohoku University
JBA Bioengineering Study Group

Hirokazu Arimoto


Small-molecule degraders via selective autophagy

Main Stage October 12(Fri.) 13:40-14:10
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Momi Iwata

Stage A October 12(Fri.) 10:20-10:50
Taipei Medical University (Presentation in English)

Kuo-Hsiang Chuang,

Graduate Institute of Pharmacognosy/Associate Professor

A novel bispecific antibody and a method for one-step differentiating, expanding, and arming T cells

We developed kinds of bispecific antibodies (BsAbs) by fusing an anti-CD3 antibody with anti-tumor antibody to form anti-tumor/anti-CD3 BsAbs. Addition of these BsAbs into culture ...

Stage A October 12(Fri.) 14:25-14:55


Ghrelin improve symptoms of Rett syndrome --Open the window of new therapeutic trial--

This study is to provide new therapeutic agent ghrelin in Rett syndrome (RTT). RTT exhibits symptoms such as autism, severe mental retardation, refractory epilepsy and ...

Stage A October 12(Fri.) 15:35-16:05


Laboratory of Genome Science, Biosignal Genome Resource Center, Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation, Professor

Manipulation of gene switch by genome editing - Prospects for epigenetic therapy and regenerative medicine

Epigenome, which is a switch of gene, plays an important role in epigenetic disease such as cancers and lifestyle-related diseases in addition to regenerative medicine. ...

Stage B October 12(Fri.) 11:30-12:00

Naoto Uemura

Professor, Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Oita University Drug Development Cluster

Oita University Faculty of Medicine established the first clinical pharmacology department in Japan in the 1980s with Clinical Pharmacology Center (6 beds at that time) ...

Stage B October 12(Fri.) 12:10-12:40

Shin-ichi Tate

Shcool of Science, Professor

High performance protein morphology analysis by NMR to support protein-based drug development

I have devised a new NMR technique that sensitively detects higher-order structure (morphology) changes in a protein. I propose here the quick diagnosis to predict ...

Stage B October 12(Fri.) 12:40-13:10

Hideshi Kawakami

Research Institute for Radiology & Medicine Professor

A novel T-type Ca channel mutation causes ataxia in human and mouse

We identified a mutation of CACNA1G (one of T-type Ca channel) in familial ataxic patients. The mouse with the mutation showed ataxia, and neuronal cell ...

Stage B October 12(Fri.) 13:15-13:45
Kumamoto University Useful and Unique Natural Products for Drug Discovery and Development (UpRod)

Stage B October 12(Fri.) 15:00-15:30
Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences, Waseda University

YAGI, Takanobu

Chief scientist

Reproduction model device for cerebral aneurysm

Intracranial aneurysms are a local bulge of cerebral arteries, and their prevalence in Japan reaches approximately 5% for the people 50 years of age or ...

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 10:55-11:25
Saitama Medical University

Takenobu Katagiri

Division of Pathophysiology, Research Center for Genomic Medicine, Saitama Medical University Division Head and Professor

A message from bone research to skeletal diseases

Basic research on bone biology contributes to elucidate molecular mechanisms of bone metabolism and to develop new therapeutics for skeletal diseases. I will talk about ...

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 11:30-12:00
Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules, Nagoya University

Shunsuke Oishi

Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules, Nagoya University Designated Assistant Professor

Chemical protein synthesis and structural modification with complete control

In order to accelerate middle-sized molecule drug discovery, we need total chemical synthesis, derivatization of them, and chemical library of that class of molecules. We ...

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 12:20-12:35
Wex Pharmaceuticals (Presentation in English)

Walter Korz

Chief Operating Officer

Halneuron-Revolutionary Relief for Pain

WEX Pharmaceuticals Inc., is developing HalneuronTM, a revolutionary, proprietary, late-stage, potentially best-in-class non-opioid analgesic with a long duration of effect and an excellent safety profile ...

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 13:15-13:45
[medU-net] University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan (Presentation in English)

Masaoki Kohzaki

Assistant Professor

Development of novel therapy by targeting a DNA repair pathway in cancer cells

Some types of cancer cells have defects in one or more DNA repair pathways and it is widely accepted that targeting these pathways is effective ...

Stage D October 12(Fri.) 10:30-10:45
BRIM Biotechnology (Presentation in English)

Mr. Mengchi Chen

Business Development

The potential game changer for dry eye therapeutics market

BRM421 is a US Ph2 first-in-class peptide drug candidate for dry eye syndrome (DES). BRM421 has shown statistical significance on both SIGN (cornea staining) and ...

Stage D October 12(Fri.) 11:30-12:00


Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Develpment of nose-to-barin delivery of neropeptide based new concept

In late years neuropeptide attracts attention as a new central disease therapeutic drug. However, it is the present conditions that there are few techniques that can ...

Stage D October 12(Fri.) 12:05-12:35
GenScript Japan (Presentation in English)

Cedric Wu, Ph.D

Senior Director of Research and Development

Rapid assembly of multi-gene pathways and combinatorial libraries to facilitate bio-engineering

Synthetic biology is an emerging scientific discipline that combines the fields of biology and engineering, to facilitate the construction of re-designed metabolic pathways or new ...

Stage D October 12(Fri.) 13:15-13:45

Takeshi Wada


New molecular technologies for stabilization and activation of nucleic acid drugs

Current issues in the development of nucleic acid drugs are stabilization of oligonucleotide derivatives in vivo and establishment of their efficient drug delivery systems. We ...

Stage A October 10(Wed.) 11:30-12:00
Miromatrix (Presentation in English)

Jeff Ross, PH.D


Bioengineering Transplantable Organs

Miromatrix is a leading regenerative medicine company bioengineering transplantable organs to eliminate the organ transplant waiting list, including livers, kidneys, hearts and lungs based on ...

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 14:10-14:20
Sapporo City / Northern Advancement Center for Science & Technology

Office of the President Tsuyoshi Fujii / Lab. of Visual Neuroscience Department of Chemistry and Biological Sciences Iwate University Professor Hiroshi Tomita

Gene therapy and software technology to restore vision of patients with visual disability

Retinitis pigmentosa is a disease resulting in degeneration and disappearance of photoreceptor cells, which are photoreceptor cells of the retina, and blindness in severe cases. ...

Stage C October 10(Wed.) 13:50-14:20

Park JugHoon

MSC-EXOSOME & Hair SigControl

Stage C October 10(Wed.) 15:00-15:30
Department of Life Science and Medical Bioscience, School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University



Cellulose nanofibers for application in regenerative medicine - Fabrication of engineered tissues by cell culture in thixotropic gel -

Cellulose nanofiber (CNF), a new material of Japanese origin, has excellent properties such as high strength, lightweight, and biocompatibility due to plant origin. It has ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 15:55-16:25
Research Center for Advanced Nanobiodevices, Nagoya University

Stage B October 11(Thu.) 12:10-12:40
[medU-net] Kanazawa Medical University

Shigetaka Shimodaira

Regenerative Medicine, School of Medicine, Professor

Strategic Development and Innovation in Cell Therapy in the Hokuriku District of Japan - Part 1. Frontier of Dendritic Cell (DC)-Based Cancer Immunotherapy

The legislative and regulatory frameworks for the process of cell therapies are now facing a major turning point in line with the establishment of an ...

Stage B October 11(Thu.) 12:40-13:10
[medU-net] Kanazawa Medical University

Yasuhito Ishigaki

Department of Life Sciences, Medical Research Institute, Professor

Strategic Development and Innovation in Cell Therapy in the Hokuriku District of Japan - Part 2. Progress in Regenerative Medicine using Adipose Tissue-Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs)

As part of the research branding project at Kanazawa Medical University (KMU), we have constructed a bank of adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ADSCs) for research. ...

Main Stage October 12(Fri.) 15:30-16:00
Hitachi Chemical

Ayako Nomori

Regenerative Medicine Business Sector, Manager

Engaging in Regenerative Medicine and Global Harmonization as CDMO

Stage B October 12(Fri.) 10:20-10:50
[medU-net] Kansai Medical University

Hiroo Ueno

Professor, Department of Stem Cell Pathology

Possibility of development of methods for taste regeneration by using stem cells for taste bud

Abnormality of taste sensing after chemotherapies is one of the major side effects seen in daily clinical medicine in oncology. However, effective methods for regeneration ...

Stage B October 12(Fri.) 16:10-16:40

Taro Matsumoto

Nihon University, School of Medicine, Professor

Cell therapy based on dedifferentiated fat (DFAT) cells

Dedifferentiated fat (DFAT) cells are multipotent mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-like cells that are prepared from mature adipocytes by ceiling culture. Since DFAT cells can be ...

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 10:20-10:50

Mutsumu NAGASE

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 12:05-12:20
Aspect Biosystems (Presentation in English)

Tamer Mohamed

President and CEO

Human Tissues on Demand with Next-Generation 3D Bioprinting

Imagine a world where drugs are developed without the use of animals, and where replacement organs are 3D printed from a patient's own cells, rather ...

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 12:40-13:10
Frost & Sullivan Japan (Presentation in English)

Reenita Das

Partner, Senior Vice President, Transformational Healthcare

Growth Opportunities in Regenerative Medicine- Strategies for Japanese Biopharma to stay ahead of the curve

The global regenerative medicine industry is witnessing a paradigm shift from treating inflammatory diseases (musculoskeletal & dermatology) to chronic (oncology & neurology) diseases. The industry ...

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 13:50-14:20
The Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine

Yoji Sato


Stage C October 12(Fri.) 14:25-14:55
Sartorius stedim Japan

Stage A October 10(Wed.) 16:05-16:35
SmartNanotubes, LSI Sachsen and TU Dresden (Presentation in English)

Dr. Viktor Bezugly

Research Leader

Carbon nanotubes based biosensors

SmartNanotube is spin-off TU Dresden and the start-up projekt at LSI Sachsen. We develop tailored carbon nanotubes for applications in biosensors, gas sensors, nanomedicine and electronics. ...

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 11:45-12:00
GPC laboratory

Tadashi Nishida

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 12:15-12:30
Marine Nano-fiber

Stage C October 10(Wed.) 10:55-11:25
[medU-net] St.Marianna University School of Medicine

Kazuo Yudo


Longevity gene related protein sirtuin as a biomarker for healthy life expectancy.

"Sirtuins are nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide-dependent protein deacetylases that link protein acetylation and cellular metabolism. Sirtuins have an important role as a key regulator of numerous ...

Stage D October 10(Wed.) 13:15-13:30

Tatsuro Amano

Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Associate Professor

Physiological responses during exercise and heat stress in humans: systemic to local mechanisms

Several physiological mechanisms such as cardiovascular, thermoregulatory, and neuromuscular functions maintain homeostasis during exercise and heat stress in humans. Our laboratory has been investigated these ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 11:30-12:00
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Yuko Kikuta

Project Officer Economic Section

Life Science and Health in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the key players in the global life science and health industry. 2,900 biotech/pharma companies and research institutes clustered within a ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 11:30-12:00
Invest in Holland (Presentation in English)
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Lissa Boxy/ Irene van de Pol

Senior Account Manager LSH

The Netherlands Life Sciences Cluster - The New Home of EMA

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 11:30-12:00
University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) (Presentation in English)
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Bart Scheerder

Head International Strategy and Relations

Science for Innovations in Healthy Ageing

Health Ageing has been a core strategy at UMCG for over 10 years. Translating our basic science into innovation is a continuous challenge and during ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 14:30-14:50
Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems, Okayama University

Takashi Sera


Application of artificial nucleic acid binding proteins to medical treatment and agriculture

We have developed novel artificial nucleic acid binding proteins and fused them with other functional domains so as to generate biofunctional molecules. An artificial nucleic ...

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 11:40-12:10

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 13:15-13:25
Cross-ministrial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP): Technologies for Creating Next-Generation Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Development of Next-Generation Functional Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Products and Foodstuffs

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 13:25-13:35
Cross-ministrial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP): Technologies for Creating Next-Generation Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Development of Next-Generation Functional Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Products and Foodstuffs

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 13:35-13:45
Cross-ministrial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP): Technologies for Creating Next-Generation Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Development of Next-Generation Functional Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Products and Foodstuffs

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 13:45-13:55
Cross-ministrial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP): Technologies for Creating Next-Generation Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Development of Next-Generation Functional Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Products and Foodstuffs

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 13:55-14:05
Cross-ministrial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP): Technologies for Creating Next-Generation Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Development of Next-Generation Functional Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Products and Foodstuffs

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 14:05-14:15
Cross-ministrial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP): Technologies for Creating Next-Generation Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Development of Next-Generation Functional Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Products and Foodstuffs

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 14:15-14:25
Cross-ministrial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP): Technologies for Creating Next-Generation Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Development of Next-Generation Functional Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Products and Foodstuffs

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 14:25-14:35
Cross-ministrial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP): Technologies for Creating Next-Generation Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Development of Next-Generation Functional Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Products and Foodstuffs

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 14:35-14:45
Cross-ministrial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP): Technologies for Creating Next-Generation Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Development of Next-Generation Functional Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Products and Foodstuffs

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 14:45-14:55
Cross-ministrial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP): Technologies for Creating Next-Generation Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Development of Next-Generation Functional Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Products and Foodstuffs

Stage A October 12(Fri.) 10:55-11:25
Biogen (Presentation in English)

Sikhayeva Nurgul

Senior Researcher

Provision of genetic testing services for medical, cosmetology and sports centers in order to improve the quality of life of people

This project is the result of the many years research by the group. Project team participated in multiple scientific researches in the field of personalized ...

Stage B October 12(Fri.) 10:55-11:25
Kobe Gakuin University

Hidaka Koushi

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences/Lecturer

Antimicrobial using short dipeptides! Development of novel inhibitors exploiting structural analysis of bacterial enzymes

Periodontal disease causes not only inflammation in tissues around teeth but turns out to have a relation to systemic illness such as arteriosclerosis and diabetes ...

Stage B October 12(Fri.) 13:50-14:20
University of Shizuoka

Yasufumi Katanasaka

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Division of Molecular Medicine, Assistant professor

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 15:00-15:15
National institute of Advanced Industrial Scoence and Technology
JBA Healthcare Study Group

Katsunori MATSUOKA

Vice President, Director General, Dept. of Life Science and Biotechnology

Overview of activities of the health care research group

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 15:15-15:30
National institute of Advanced Industrial Scoence and Technology
JBA Healthcare Study Group

Yohichi SHIMMA

Innovation coordinator, Dept. of Life Science and Biotechnology

Activity report of Subcommittee 1 of Health Care Study Group

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 15:30-15:45
National institute of Advanced Industrial Scoence and Technology
JBA Healthcare Study Group

Toshihiko OOIE

AIST Shikoku Deputy director

Activity report of Subcommittee 2 of Health Care Study Group

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 15:45-16:00
JBA Healthcare Study Group


New Business Development Project Planning Group, GSCC

Activity report of Subcommittee 3 of Health Care Study Group

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 16:00-16:20
National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center
JBA Healthcare Study Group

Tsutomu TOMITA

Biobank General manager Bioresource Section

Efforts to extend the healthy life span of the IoT health care system jumped out of the hospital

Stage C October 12(Fri.) 16:20-16:30
JBA Healthcare Study Group

Hiroyuki OKADA

Director, General Manager, GSCC Business Accelerator

Continuous employee research centered on imaging diagnosis such as PET Things that can be said from medical examination

Stage D October 10(Wed.) 14:20-14:35

Toshihiro Ogawa

Manager, Life Sciences Division

CDMO of the 21st Century - JSR Life Sciences, KBI and SELEXIS

Stage D October 10(Wed.) 14:35-14:50
Selexis (Presentation in English)

Yemi Onakunle, Ph. D

Vice President, BD and Licensing

Selexis Cell Line Development - Novel and Modular CHO Expression Platform Enabling New Frontiers in Recombinant Protein Therapeutic Development

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 12:10-12:40

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 11:30-12:00

Katsumi Nakamura

Pharmaceutical Division, CMC Director

Bio-pharmaceutical Manufacturing Business in Kishi Kasei : Proposal of Strategic alliance

Introduction of Bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing business in Kishi Kasei. Aiming for business expansion and strong international competitiveness of Japanese bilogics CMO, several strategic alliance cases studying by ...

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 13:25-13:40
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 13:40-13:55
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 13:55-14:10
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 14:10-14:25
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 14:25-14:40
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 14:40-14:55
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization

Main Stage October 10(Wed.) 13:00-13:30
JBICJapan Biological Informatics Consortium

Application of database and machine-learning in drug development: toward middle-sized molecules

Recent mass-production of biological data encourage the data-driven science including machine learning. While governing equations are essential to understand the phenomena, the finding of governing ...

Main Stage October 10(Wed.) 13:30-14:00
Japan Biological Informatics Consortium

Main Stage October 10(Wed.) 14:00-14:30
Japan Biological Informatics Consortium

Stage C October 10(Wed.) 11:30-12:00
Nonlinear physics laboratory, Chuo University

Y-h. Taguchi


Medical application of tensor decomposition based multi-omics data analyses

Although multi-omics data was accumulated with low cost, it was hardly made use for medical applications. In order to overcome this difficulty, we propose tensor ...

Stage C October 10(Wed.) 13:15-13:45
Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine

Nobuhiro Nagai

Division of Clinical Cell Therapy, Assistant Professor

Development of scalable drug delivery system platform and its application

We have been developing a scalable drug delivery system platform for controlled release of small and macromolecules. Our device could solve an adherence issue in ...

Stage D October 10(Wed.) 13:45-14:00

Makoto Sakamoto

Institute of Medicine and Dentistry, Professor

A novel method for three-dimensional tooth axis and alignment using cone-beam computed tomography

We developed a global coordinate system based on maxillary and mandibular feature points from 3D reconstructions using in vivo cone-beam computed tomographic (CBCT) image data, ...

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 15:00-15:10
Middle Molecule IT-based Drug Discovery Labratory (MIDL), Tokyo institute of Technology

Yutaka Akiyama, Ph.D.


Computational prediction of plasma protein binding and membrane permeability of cyclic peptides as drug candidates

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 15:10-15:20
Advanced Computational Drug Discovery Unit, Tokyo institute of Technology

Masakazu Sekijima, Ph.D.

Associated Professor

Development of Similarity of Interaction Energy VEctor Score (SIEVE-Score) to improve virtual screening accuracy

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 15:20-15:40
Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Kenji Suzuki, Ph.D.

Specially Appointed Professor

Deep-Learning-Based Medical Image Processing and AI-Aided Medical Image Diagnosis and Their Translation in Clinical Practice

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 15:40-15:50
Biomedical Research Institute, The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Tsukasa Ishihara, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher

Robotic Process Automation of Medicinal Chemistry in Drug Discovery

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 15:50-16:00

Kunihiro Nishimura, Ph.D.


Data Analysis Automation for Precision Cancer Medicine: Chrovis

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 16:00-16:10

Masahiko Hara, MD, Ph.D.


Tailor-Made Dual-Task Rehabilitation Training Medical Device for Body Trunk Balance Using Virtual Reality, Three-Dimensional Tracking, and Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Stage C October 11(Thu.) 16:10-16:20

Masaki Yoshida

CEO and co-founder

"Sleep evaluation system" and "depression diagnosis system" using compact medical EEG device.

Stage A October 10(Wed.) 10:55-11:25
Sygnature Discovery (Presentation in English)

Steve Young, Hiroki Wada

Supporting the new paradigm of externalised pharmaceutical research

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly focused on broadening the drug discovery ecosystem to access primary research on novel targets emerging from academic and not-for-profit charitable organisations. ...

Stage A October 10(Wed.) 12:05-12:35
BioIVT (Presentation in English)

Kenneth R. Brouwer, Ph.D., RPh.

ADME-Tox / Vice President

Importance of Whole Cell Models in the Prediction of Hepatobiliary Disposition, Hepatic Induction and Hepatotoxicity of Drug Candidates.

Stage A October 10(Wed.) 13:15-13:45
REM Analytics (Presentation in English)

Paulo Refinetti


Quantitative profiling of the human microbiome with strain level resolution.

The human microbiome is a complex and dynamic system. REM Analytics has developed a novel method to analyse the microbiome by combining molecular biology with ...

Stage A October 10(Wed.) 13:50-14:20
University of Pardubice (Presentation in English)

Karolina Kasparova

Commercialization Manager

A method for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

The mass spectrometry (MS) based analysis of the lipid dysregulation of body fluid samples of pancreatic cancer patients and healthy volunteers enables to build up ...

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 14:30-14:40
Sapporo City / Northern Advancement Center for Science & Technology

Hironobu Minai

Sapporo Research Development Office(SRD) Section Manager

New Approach by Medical Equipment / In-Vitro Diagnostic Manufacturers

Stage D October 10(Wed.) 12:40-13:10
Hamamatsu University School of Medcine

Hideya Kawasaki

Preeminent Medical Photonics Education & Research Center, Institute for NanoSuit Research, Associate Professor

Direct observations on biological wet samples in an electron microscope using NanoSuit® technology: Aiming for the new medical diagnosis

An electron microscope requires a high vacuum condition, therefore, the complicated procedures have been needed to maintain the shape of biological samples containing as much ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 13:50-14:10
Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Farmaceutical Sciences, Okayama University

Mizuki Morita

Associate Professor

Okayama University Hospital Biobank (Okadai Biobank)

Okayama University Hospital Biobank (Okadai Biobank), launched in April 2015, is collecting human samples (such as blood, urine, and tissues). The concept of Okadai Biobank ...

Stage B October 11(Thu.) 10:55-11:25
Ehime University

Hiroyuki Takeda

PROS, associate professor

Protein engineering from Ehime, Japan effectively assists drug discovery

We will introduce the latest drug discovery technology developed in Ehime University, Japan. Dr. Endo and Dr. Sawasaki developed the wheat cell-free protein expression system, ...

Stage A October 12(Fri.) 12:05-12:35
Experimentica (Presentation in English)

Advancing Ophthalmic Drug Discovery

Stage A October 12(Fri.) 15:00-15:30
Nihon Pall

Kosuke Saito, Ph.D.

Laboratory Division, SLS

Stage B October 12(Fri.) 14:25-14:55
Nagoya University, Advanced Characterization Nanotechnology Platform (MEXT)

Shigeo Arai

High Voltage Electoron Microscope Laboratoy,imass

Observation of the biological samples using high-performance electron microscope

Nagoya University supports a molecular biologic study by a high voltage electron microscopy (HVEM) and excellent electron microscopes. These microscopes are very used by many ...

Stage B October 12(Fri.) 15:35-16:05

Viral Safety Evaluation Testing Service in Japan

Stage D October 12(Fri.) 10:55-11:25
Yokogawa Electric

Stage D October 10(Wed.) 14:00-14:15

Keigo Mikame

Institute of Science and Technology, Associate Professor

Derivation of fine chemicals from plant polymer

Plant main component Lignin, heterogeneous aromatic polymer is attractive as a source for aromatic chemicals but its recalcitrant and heterogeneous structure makes the conversion very ...

Stage D October 11(Thu.) 10:55-11:25
The University of Tokyo, Greennetwork

Takashi sano

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 15:10-15:30
Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science, Okayama University

Yuki Monden

Associate Professor

On-site inspection method for crop cultivar discrimination

Development of crop cultivar discrimination system is required for plant breeding and patent protection of plant cultivars and agricultural products. Here, we developed a novel ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 15:30-15:50
Institute of Plant Science and Resources, Okayama University

Hiroshi Hisano

Associate Professor

Efficient technology of the genetic transformation in barley

Barley is one of the most important crops and used for multiple purpose, e.g. malt, food and feed.By genetic analysis, we identified three loci named ...

Stage A October 12(Fri.) 11:30-12:00
National center for Biotechnology (Presentation in English)

Manabayeva Shuga, Zhumabek Aiganym

Development of the technology for obtaining the glycoprotein gp51 of the bovine leukemia virus in plants

The envelope glycoprotein gp51 encoded by Bovine leukemia virus (BLV) is one of the essential subunits for viral infectivity. It was indicated that the recombinant ...

Stage D October 12(Fri.) 12:40-13:10
Shinshu University

Stage D October 12(Fri.) 13:50-14:20
Department of Science, Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences, Waseda University


Associate Professor

An innovative technology for plant size enhancement and control:Artificial control of the cytoplasmic streaming

An intracellular transport called "cytoplasmic streaming" occurs in the cell of every plant. Cytoplasmic streaming is generated by motor protein (myosin XI) moving along actin ...

Stage D October 12(Fri.) 14:25-14:30
[JBA-GIF] University of Tokyo
JBA Green-Bio Innovation Forum (GIF)

Masahiro Samejima


Green Biotech's challenges for a sustainable society: Opening Remarks


Stage D October 12(Fri.) 14:30-14:50
[JBA-GIF] Japan Association of Bioindustries Executives (JABEX)
JBA Green-Bio Innovation Forum (GIF)

Yuji Sakamoto

Deputy General Of Secretary

Bioeconomy strategies of world countries and biotechnology strategy of Japan

Stage D October 12(Fri.) 14:50-15:10
[JBA-GIF] Hokkaido University
JBA Green-Bio Innovation Forum (GIF)

Ken'ichiro Matsumoto

Professor, Faculty of Engineering

Non-template-dependent sequence regulation of bacterial polyesters

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are bacterial polyesters that are used as biobased and biodegradable plastics. Random copolymerization is an important technique to control the properties of the ...

Stage D October 12(Fri.) 15:10-15:30
[JBA-GIF] Utilization of Carbon Dioxide Institute
JBA Green-Bio Innovation Forum (GIF)

Naoto Ohtani

Vice-Director, Rsearch & Development Department

Prospects of value materials production by "CO2 gas fermantation".

Stage D October 12(Fri.) 15:30-15:50
[JBA-GIF] Nippon Paper Industries
JBA Green-Bio Innovation Forum (GIF)

Yusuke Kondo

Senior Manager, Paperising Promotion Office, Sales Management & Planning Division

Our business development for building a sustainable circular economy

Stage D October 12(Fri.) 15:50-16:10
[JBA-GIF] Saga City
JBA Green-Bio Innovation Forum (GIF)

Hidefumi Ejima

Planning and Coordination unit New industry Promotion division manager

Utilization of circulation type regional biomass resources

In Saga City, we are working on resource circulation and energy creation utilizing waste biomass from an incineration plant and a sewage purification center. From ...

Main Stage October 11(Thu.) 13:00-13:30

Simultaneous Interpretation

Samsung BioLogics (Presentation in English)

Eun Young Yang

Executive Director, Head of CDO Business Team

Most Qualified CDMO Chosen by Clients

Samsung BioLogics is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization, providing true one-stop service to our valuble partners at our state or art, global No.1 scale ...

Stage A October 10(Wed.) 12:40-13:10
Embassy of Hungary (Presentation in English)


Economic & Commercial Attaché

Hungarian Biotech Industry

Stage A October 10(Wed.) 15:00-15:30
FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies (Presentation in English)

Samantha Hullah, PhD

Advanced Therapies Contract Development and cGMP Manufacture

The area of advanced therapies continues to gain strong momentum in the market, and the biggest need in this industry is flexibility. Contract Development and ...

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 13:50-14:00
Northen Advancement Center for Science and Technology
Sapporo City / Northern Advancement Center for Science & Technology

Mitsuru Miyata

Healthcare Industry in Sapporo

Stage B October 10(Wed.) 14:40-14:50
City of Sapporo
Sapporo City / Northern Advancement Center for Science & Technology

Tatsuya Sasaki

Chief - Medical & Bio Industry Division

The Callenge for Creation of New Medical Cluster

Stage D October 10(Wed.) 14:55-15:25
[medU-net] Nagasaki University

Shintaro Fumoto

Graduate School of Biomedical Science/Associate Professor

Novel tissue optical clearing method for drug evaluation

Lipids are the major source of light scattering in tissues, then, detergents are often used for tissue optical clearing (TOC). However, even low concentration of ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 10:25-11:25

Simultaneous Interpretation

Embassy of Italy - Trade Promotion Section- (Presentation in English)

Biotech Made in Italy

The picture of Italian biotech firms confirms the primacy, which has already been found in previous surveys, of companies operating in the biotech sector applied ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 10:25-11:25

Simultaneous Interpretation

Remembrane (Presentation in English)
Embassy of Italy - Trade Promotion Section-

Alexandros Chatgilialoglu


Cell Membranes - a cornerstone in cell physiology

Remembrane develops and manufactures Refeed, a revolutionary family of membrane-targeting lipid supplements suitable for any type of cultured cells and protocol used in biolaboratories and ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 10:25-11:25

Simultaneous Interpretation

Accelera (Presentation in English)
Embassy of Italy - Trade Promotion Section-

Enrico Pesenti


A One Stop Shop CRO for Drug Development

In the era of Advanced Therapies, the number of new drugs under development and the emerging complexity of the therapeutic approaches make mandatory a focused, ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 10:25-11:25

Simultaneous Interpretation

Invest in Tuscany (Presentation in English)
Embassy of Italy - Trade Promotion Section-

Investment case study in Tuscany

Invest in Tuscany is the network of public partners backed by the local Government in collaboration with Municipalities, whose aim is to promote Tuscany as ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 10:25-11:25

Simultaneous Interpretation

DAS (Presentation in English)
Embassy of Italy - Trade Promotion Section-

Mario Orsini

electronic automated instruments according to the most advanced technology in the IVD field, automation of ELISA, IFA, BLOT and other machines in fields

DAS established in 1977 with a clear vision of producing high quality automated instruments in the healthcare sector, taking into account of introducing the new ...

Stage A October 11(Thu.) 13:15-13:45
Scandinavian Life Science Companies / CELLINK (Gothenburg, Sweden), Idogen (Lund, Sweden) (Presentation in English)

Life Science Innovative Technology in Scandinavia

Stage B October 11(Thu.) 10:20-10:50
Japan Patent Attorneys Association Biotechnology and Life Science Committee

kento Minamino

Stage A October 12(Fri.) 12:50-14:20
MedCity (Presentation in English)


The UK as the Global Hub for Life Sciences Excellence

The UK is a world-leading destination for life sciences research and innovation and has a long and deep history of scientific collaborations with Japanese institutions. Find ...